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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Questions

 Q:  I'm having trouble logging into my account - what should I do?
                A:  Make sure to re-type your email and password.  If you still can't login then click on "Forgot Password" and re-type your email to retrieve your password. You will be emailed your password.

Q:  What mailing schedule should I use?
Since all Reps are on Flexible Ordering, you may use any schedule you wish. If you want your customers to receive brochures early in the campaign, we suggest using the A or B Mailer. If in the middle of the campaign, then C or D Mailer. If later in the campaign, then E or F Mailer. The E and F Mailer should only be used if necessary (ie: if the brochures are getting to your customers too early or you forgot to order earlier!)

Q:  I've never ordered before - why did I receive a brochure in the mail?
                A: This is your sample brochure we mail to all representatives the first time they sign-up with Campaign Mailer.

Q:  Do I have to mail every campaign?
                A: No. We only mail the campaigns you order. We do not mail brochures until you have placed and paid for your order. Feel free to delete or add contacts, change your representative contact label and anything else you would like to change before each time you order to maximize your brochure potential! (Remember to save any changes you make.)

Q:  What is a "Custom" mailing?
                A: A custom mailing is when you mail the same thing to 200 or more recipients. Our normal "Over 200" mailing is used when you want to mail a campaign on your own schedule. You can also add labels or flyers or other inserts to the brochure with a custom mailing with extra cost.
To learn more about Custom Mailings, please click here.

Q:  How do I subscribe or change my email reminder subscription?
               A: Please go to and click on the email reminder you would like to subscribe to. To unsubscribe, please go to and click on the reminder you are currently subscribed to and then unsubscribe. (You may also click unsubscribe at the bottom of an unwanted email reminder.)

Q:  Is Campaign Mailer associated with Avon?
                A:  No, Campaign Mailer is not associated with Avon Products Inc or New Avon LLC or New Avon Company in any way.

Q:  Will my information and contact list be used/sold for any other purpose?
                A:  No. We only use your information to mail brochures with your personalized information to your customers when you order.


Ordering Questions

Q:  Should I put a campaign date on my brochures?
                A: You are not required to have any dates on your brochures, but you may add your due date/expiration date to your Representative Contact Label in your Control Panel. Please make sure to update and save your new due date/expiration date before each order.

Q:  I missed the due date - can I still order?
                A: If you can still see the mailing you would like to mail with in your Control Panel (even if it's past the due date), you may still order with that schedule. If you have completely missed the due date and no longer see it available in your Control Panel, then you may choose the next schedule. (The final/last mailing for a particular campaign is the E Mailer so if you miss it, you can no longer mail that campaign unless you have a custom mailing of 200 or more.)

Q:  Can I combine two mailings to get the lower price?
                A:  No, all orders must be ordered separately.


After Ordering Questions

Q:  How do I know if my order went through successfully?
                A: After successfully ordering, you will see a "Thank you for your order" page and you will also receive an email receipt. If you are still not sure if you ordered successfully, you may check your Order History in the upper right-hand corner of Your Control Panel.

Q:  How do I know when my brochures were mailed?
               A: We will email you after your brochures are mailed. You can also see when your brochures were mailed in your order history.

Q:  Where can I find my Order History?
                A: To see your Order History, click on "Order History" in the upper right corner of your Control Panel. Once in your Order History, you can also see who you mailed to by clicking on the order number.

Q:  I made a mistake when ordering - what can I do?
                A: Immediately email of what the mistake is and how you would like us to correct the mistake. Please keep in mind that we can only make changes to an order if it has not been processed.

Q:  I want to add to my order that I already placed - how can I do this?
                A: You cannot add to a previously placed order. You will need to make a separate order.

Q:  My brochures are getting to my customers too early/too late - what can I do?
                A: You may adjust your own mailing schedule to what works bests for you. Simply order with an earlier or later mailing schedule. For example, if your C Mailer order arrives later than you prefer then order in the B Mailer schedule in the future.

Q:  When should I expect my customers to receive the mailed brochures?
                A: Bulk mailing with USPS usually takes 1-3 weeks to deliver the brochures from the time we mail them. To see when your order was mailed, click on "Order History" in the upper right corner of your Control Panel.

Q:  It's been 3 weeks and some of my customers have not received their brochures - what happened?
                A: USPS could take longer than 3 weeks. We can only tell you the date your brochures were mailed because bulk mailing with USPS does not have tracking or returned mail.


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