NEW SCHEDULE + Campaign 1 E Mailer Due MONDAY!

From: "Campaign Mailer's E Mailer Reminders" <>
Subject: NEW SCHEDULE + Campaign 1 E Mailer Due MONDAY!
Date: December 26th 2022

***If you have already ordered for this campaign, please disregard this email.***

Dear Avon Rep,

NEW SCHEDULE FOR 2023 BROCHURES! Please see our new schedule at to see when you should be ordering next. We have adjusted your reminder emails if needed to match the closest to your old mailing schedule. See below to see how you should be ordering now if you liked your old mailing schedule.

Old A Mailer: continue to order with the A Mailer

Old B Mailer: order with the A Mailer

Old C Mailer: order with the B Mailer

Old D Maier: order with the C Mailer

Old E Mailer: order with the D Mailer

Old F Mailer: order with the E Mailer


The Pretty Big Deal Makeup Sale is upon us in Campaign 1! Save up to 55% on makeup plus find gifts for your valentines! Don’t miss out and order to mail Campaign 1 to your customers today at!


The due date for mailing Campaign 1 brochures is by this Monday, December 26! 
(See our full NEW schedule at ) 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email! 

Happy Selling!

The Campaign Mailer Team
2023 Aspen Glade  Dr. | Kingwood, TX 77339
email | website

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